We offer the following specialized services:

/We offer the following specialized services:

Simultaneous interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting is real-time translation and reaches the end users through comfortable, easy to wear headphones and receptor devices. Interpreters translate at the same time as the speaker. This mode of interpretation requires technical equipment.

Simultaneous interpreting is appropriate for events such as::

  • conferences.
  • Symposia.
  • Press conferences.
  • International meetings, videoconferences, etc

Consecutive interpreting.

The interpreter takes notes during the speaker’s presentation and translates afterwards.
Very long speeches may be broken up into parts, with interpretation after each part, or a dynamic sentence by sentence translation might be used, on the basis of a good working rapport between speaker and interpreter.

This kind of interpretation is suitable especially for very formal situations such as ::

  • Gala dinners.
  • VIP press conferences.
  • award ceremonies
  • And also for scientific and technical presentations given by a single speaker, or in meetings where only a small number of languages are spoken

Liaison interpreting

Interpersonal communication is carried out through an interpreter. This type of interpreting usually takes place at :

  • Technical tours and visits.
  • Negotiation meetings.
  • and interviews

Technical interpreting equipment for hire.

Written translation, both general and specialized

Voiceover and dubbing.